This Company was founded in the year 2001. It has 15 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing of leather goods, mainly exotic skins. It has all the necessary permits for this purpose .Both permits : for processing and marketing ,and permits to export.

The raw materials for these skins are only acquired through certified providers from legal farms and also processed in legally authorized tanneries.

This process with exotic skins has unique characteristics that require great care in cutting and assembly.
Gator SAS is properly staffed with uniquely skilled craftsmen specially trained to care these types of skins. They are well trained in Italian techniques to produce high-end exclusive products for export abroad Colombia, with high quality standards.

However, Gator SAS also works with fine Italian,Brazilian, Argentine and Colombian leathers. Their products are made with 100% Genuine Leather.

Gator SAS currently offers its line of service manufacturing to produce luxury products for prestigious companies and international designers located abroad Colombia. Also it offers advice on Design, Product Development ,as well as Export Management and after -Sales Service.


We offer our clients the following small leather production services:handbags,wallets, backpacks, briefcases, belts, wallets, card holders, passport holders, bracelets and key rings.

The service includes different manufacturing processes:

1. Product development  (design or conceptualization)
2. Estimation of scale and fees by volume and labor time incurred.
3. Modeling and patterns
3. Control and costing of materials consumption calculation
4. Management of selection of materials and supplies.
5. Production scheduling times and dates of fulfillment and delivery
6. Production: involves cutting, assembly and sewing, finishing and quality control.
7. Delivery of the product.
8. Terms and conditions of payment.


GATOR SAS offers its installed capacity and knowhow to produce high quality products. Our differentiated service is based on a hand-crafted elaboration of all the features of the product, including the management of fabrics and hand-made stitching details, so that the basic industrial work is combined with the manual art to produce exclusive pieces recognized to be sophisticated and meet the expectations of international markets.

We aim at saving costs and final product prices when produced on scales and volumes according to our calculations that provided to the Client. Prices vary depending on the materials, inputs, fittings and invested time and complexity of the model.

We offer our experience and service to get these luxury products with the highest quality finishes and details!!!